Advertising Policy

For nearly six years, CDU adopted a no-advertising policy. However, times change and CDU is now accepting advertising proposals.

Each proposal will be individually viewed and either selected or rejected by the webmaster to see if it meets the requirements of being placed.

The main requirement is that ads must be of specific interest to visitors to the web site, generally of a comedy nature. I will only under very special circumstances select ads not relating to comedy.

Due to now being owned and run by Malcolm Media so the site can make an income, and being registered for GST, I will generally only accept Australian ads at this time. I may reconsider if an appropriate international ad opportunity arises.

What all this means...

For visitors

The ads will not be a hinderance and will hopefully be informative and interesting to you.

For advertisers

Your ads will be specifically chosen and viewed by a more targeted audience than most web ads. You will also not be competing with a wide number other advertisers for viewing time.


Prices are based on ad size and number of page views each section receives each month. For example, the cheapest rate is to advertise only on the international section. This section receives the smallest number of page views due to a limited number of pages compared to the Australian section, and other web sites based around the same ideas. On the other hand, the Australian section has the highest rate (besides the whole site option) because there are many more pages here, and very little can be found elsewhere.

Section ad appears Ad size (pixels) Monthly rate
Aussie 468x90 $110
International 468x90 $5
Whole Site 468x90 $160
Front page 468x90 $20
Front page 90x58 $15

Prices are subject to change in the future if the site becomes more popular. If prices increase, existing advertisers will only have to pay more when their current ad rotation expires.

The whole site includes the front page, and Aussie, International and Extra Stuff sections. It is the only way to advertise on the Extra Stuff section.

The small size ads for the front page will be positioned permanently for their run under the film strip on the right side of the page.

All other ads run under a rotation scheme (unless there is only one ad in an allocated section, in which case the same ad will appear on each page in that section).

Rates are based on current targeted banner ad rates.

How to apply for ad space

Please send your banner of the appropriate size to ad-space @ comedydownunder . com (without the spaces). Please also provide your requested advertising section, how many months you would like the ad to run for (up to 12 months), and a specific start date if required. If selected, your ad will be placed on the site and an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. You will also be notified should your ad be rejected.

Banners must be either gif, jpg, png or swf format. If you require the ad to link to a URL, please embed in the swf file if sending a swf, or include the URL in the e-mail when sending in all other formats.