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Mar 22nd, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm
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Dags, the movie, was made in 1998, written, directed and produced by Murray Fahey. The 12 main actors in the film being Murray Fahey, Tanya Bulmer, David Callan, Peter Callan, Sheena Crouch, Daniel Cordeaux, Penny Cooper, Sam Makoul, Angus Sampson, Brian Roberts, Paula Arundell and Rebecca De Unamuno.

The film is set up like a documentary, hosted by 'Richard Cranium' (Peter Callan). Tanya Bulmer plays Cheryl, the dag who becomes famous by an interesting way indeed (I'm not going to say how because I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen the film). The male dags are the most interesting characters in the film. Enzo, Miles, Prozac, Trevor and Kevin. My favourite character being Miles, played by Murray Fahey.

The main character characteristics:

Miles: Fast food addict on the dole. The short guy with bleached blond hair.
Kevin: The only dag that appears to have a job. He works at the video store and Trevor is his partner in crime.
Trevor: The nice dag, who does basically anything he's told to do.
Prozac: The slow dag who likes watching the wiggles.
Enzo: The dag with a girlfriend but sleeps around.
Cheryl: The popular dag with everything but wants more.
Darryl: Cheryl's cone smoking boyfriend.
Tina: The slut/bitch dag that gets everything last.
Rosa: The one who has a different opinion on everything that tries to fit in.
Tracey: The one with a secret.
Charlene: Probably the most realistic one.

There are numerous hilarious scenes which I cannot mention without ruining the film for those who haven't seen it. In my opinion, this film is a MUST SEE! And I'm not just saying that because I know Murray personally. I saw this film way back towards the end of 1998 and laughed myself senseless, even though I had never heard of any of the actors back then.

The reviews on the back of the film are as follows:
"You'll crap y'self larfin." Moving Pictures
"Up front and hilarious." Independent Movie Magazine
"The best Aussie film in years." Movies Reviews & More