Australian Comedy Groups and Duos

As well as comedians such as stand ups, there have been a few great Australian comedy groups and duos. They are separated as such. The highlighted ones have special pages just for them. If you know of any others, I'd be happy to find out who they are. Just e-mail me.

Comedy Groups

Cabbage Brothers80s caberet act which was a forerunner to Men Who Knew Too Much.
Chop-SockyUsed to be on the comedy channel, ABC and 3RRR.
Comedy is Not PrettyLynda Gibson, Judith Lucy & Denise Scott
Como String QuartetYes, a string quartet notable because that's where Hung Le started off.
Cops On Heatmore of a show than a group, but the three in the show, Murray Fahey, John Knowles and David Callan have been known collectively as the 'cops'.
CrateHave been a part of Champagne Comedy.
D-Generationvery popular group of people. Involved with the Late Show, the Castle, Frontline, the Panel & many more things
Dolphin JuiceWork on community television and MMM radio in Sydney. Consists of Darkside, Judas Falling, Barry Goldwater, Stef Torok and Bernie Tingles (aka Glenn Majurey)
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Doug Anthony Allstarssplit in 1994, consists of Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler
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Emotional PeopleMusical group who did a show during the 2000 Comedy Festival called "Rockothello"
Filthy SlurriesFour girls from Canberra
Flat Whites1980s female musical comedy act.
Friends of Moirafemale musical act
Galloping CowLate 90s sketch group
God's CowboysJohn Knowles, George Catsi & David Delves - those Meat worshipping cowboy angels. appeared at the Adelaide fringe etc
Great Big Opera Companytwo keyboardists and one singer - Jon Jackson, who has a four octave range. Popular in late 80s/early 90s, and only work very occassionally now.
GUDPaul McDermott, Cameron Bruce and Phil Moriarty pick up similarly to where the Doug Anthony Allstars left off
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ImprozacAn improv comedy group and show consisting of Tanya Bulmer, James O'Loghlin, Adam Couper, John Knowles, and Julia Zemiro.
Mad Cow Comedyextinct comedy group which Jason Starrett was a member.
MAHEMFilmmaking group from Perth
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Man Bites GodHave performed at such festivals as Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival
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MSGWA improv comedy group
New Joke CityMid to late 90s sketch act made up of Greg Fleet, Marty Sheargold and Matt King.
SockNot exactly a comedy group. They actually describe themselves as an A Capella group, but in my opinion, they sing funny songs.
The 4 Noelssinging improv group, have appeared on triple J - actually New Zealanders but I'm going to claim them as ours like we do Russell Crowe.
The Dodge(previously known as Free Fall) Melbourne bases comedy trio.
The Empty PocketsInvolved with Espy comedy & more
The Found ObjectsThis was a trio comprising of Frank Woodley, Colin Lane and Scott Casley. Scott left to run a bike shop in Alice Springs and the two left behind became Lano and Woodley.
The GorskysComedy trio consisting of Liam Cody, Chris Tomkins and Jo Stanley.
The Hot Bagelswas a female musical act which included Libby Gore
The Men Who Knew Too Much
The Phonesno longer together, they were the Scared Weird Little Guys and Reg Ellery (who is now in Sock)
The SherylsSinging, dancing girls who have appeared in the Melbourne Fringe & comedy festival for two years and have also appeared on Upfront 6.
The Whittle Family80s Musical/comedy act- an offshoot to 3RRR radio show Punter To Punter (from whence Trevor Marmelade came). Included Tracey Harvey and comedy writer Mitchell Fairclough amongst others.
Tripodthree colourful guys and a guitar
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Troupe Du JourImpro group in Melbourne - mainly corporate work now.
Two-FourComedy group around Newcastle of which Jason Starrett is a member.
Vertical Smilesextinct comedy croup. Jason Starrett was a member.

Comedy Duos

AuthorisedJohn Knowles and Steve Walsh
Barfoot and CantoneCraig Barfoot and Phil Cantone
Brian Damage and Krysstal
Cliffie and Rushotwo comedians born on the same day. They were only 16 when they started in 2000 but have since broken up. They're from Victoria.
Cosmic EggMusical duo currently doing spots at the Espy.
CrudFormer 3RRR duo, now on commercial radio.
Dangerous CurvesAdelaide Improv duo consisting of Jo Coventry and Tori Hodgman.
Darren and BroseDarren Chau and Brose Avard. Had a comedy show on Channel 31.
Flacco and the SandmanTwo characters portrayed by Paul Livingston and Steve Abbott who often do shows together.
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Hamish and AndyHave developed a few TV shows together
Lano and Woodleyhave had two series of a show on the ABC
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Lords of Leisure80s experimental duo made up of Greg Fleet and Anthony Morgan. Basically an excuse for them to drink heaps and get onstage and muck around.
Los Trios RingbarkusComedy duo of the 1980s consisting of Steven Kearney and Neill Gladwin.
Martin Molloyhad a radio show and used to be on a couple of shows together
Merrick and RossoUsed to be triple j radio hosts
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Ministry of WeirdMelbourne musical duo
Miss ItchyTwo women, have appeared on Upfront and other things.
National Hero BrathersEarly 90s. Made up of two guys who are now in performance group The Men Who Knew Too Much.
Novak 'n GoodeWA comedy duo, have performed all over the world including London and America
Puppetry of the PenisTwo blokes who do 'dick tricks' on stage.
Roy and H.G.triple j radio hosts and channel 7 personalities
Separated at BirthNT duo. Runners up in the national final of Raw Comedy 2006. Its members are Dylan Bennett and Kadek Hobman.
Sista SheHip-Hop comedy duo who formed in 2002
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The Cabalero KingsWA comedians, made it to the state finals of Raw comedy in 2000.
The Fake McCoysMelbourne duo
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The LaundromatsQld's only performing musical comedy duo
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The Scared Weird Little Guysthese two sing songs
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The Umbilical BrothersHave taken their unique form of mime/noise comedy all around the world
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