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Doug Anthony Allstars, Dead and Alive
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The Doug Anthony All Stars split in 1994 but their comedy lives on in the lives of fans.

The All Stars consisting of Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler have performed all around the world. The first time they performed overseas was at a busking place called Covent Garden. They were supposed to wait two months before they could busk there but they got to busk there the day they got there because Tim was so good looking.

The most well known overseas comedy festival is Edinburgh which was the first overseas comedy festival they did which was in 1987.

The Allstars appeared on many comedy shows in Australia including the Big Gig.

Friends of the Dougs include Bob Downe (aka Mark Trevorrow), Andrew Denton and Flacco (aka Paul Livingston).

As far as I know, they released four CDs available. "The Last Concert," "Icon" (their first Album which was banned in the UK), Blue (unofficially released) and "Dead and Alive" (which also is a video).

When still together, they released two videos: "Live at the National Theatre" and "Dead and Alive". Fourteen years after the group split, in 2008, they released a DVD called "DAAS Gold," which not only features all their appearances from the first two seasons of The Big Gig, but the three also got together to record audio commentary for the two disc set.

These guys started out by busking but their style of comedy is like no other. With Rich playing the guitar, this group sung a lot of songs which they wrote, plus some which they didn't write.

They were also very audience oriented. Two of the things they did which included the audience was when they got the audience to throw things at them including coins, minties and rubbish bins. Another game they played was one which the audience had to hit each other. They were placed in teams and the first team to finish slapping each other and recite their teams slogan got to slap the Allstar of their choice.

Another TV show they had was DAAS Kapital which was on the ABC. Repeats were aired on thecomedycentral in the early naughties and enjoyed by fans who missed out because they were too young to watch when the group was together. In the UK they released a TV show called DAAS Love. Another show they were on was The Edinburgh Years.

These guys also released a couple of books. The first one was called "book". They also made a number of comics (some of which were in the books). Other books include: "Rant", "Rise", and "God". (according to a newspaper article I read...though I'm not certain these other books exist).

These guys have done quite a lot separately since the split up, but returned for one show only in 2003 supporting Holly Robinson, Ted Robinson's daughter, who had died. The show was a fundraising benefit for cancer research.