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Lano and Woodley, Feb 2002.  Dominica Corless
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May 23rd, 2000
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Frank Woodley and Colin Lane or Lano and Woodley. These two comedians are fantastic. They have made two seasons of The Adventures of Lano and Woodley on the ABC and you can buy the first series on video.

Frank and Colin do everything together (well just about). They went on All Star Squares together and they've been on GNW Night Lite together twice. They also went on Good News WeekEnd.

The only time I know when they were apart is when Col went on the Panal without Frank. Also, when Frank went on the last episode of Hey Hey it's Saturday to play Private Parts.

These guys are from Melbourne and they have been around for a while now. They have performed at various comedy festivals such as Sydney and Melbourne. I think they have travelled all over Australia because I have a friend who met them before they were really big.

In 2000, they made it even bigger when the had the opportunity to host the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala together. This featured the two bouncing around in sleeping bags and all sorts.

Their most recent stage performance was called "Lano & Woodley Are Slick" or "Lano & Woodley Arse Lick". Feel free to choose what takes your fancy.