Los Trios Ringbarkus

Last Updated
May 23rd, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Los Trios Ringbarkus consisted of Neill Gladwin and Steven Kearney. They were a comedy duo around about the same time as the Doug Anthony Allstars and I'm told that they were very similar.

In 1983, this couple went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won the Perrier Award for best comedy act. This award encouraged other Australian comics to try their luck at the famous festival.

They also had performed at the Last Laugh Theatre Retaurant. As well as that, they had a show called "Outer Sink" which they performed at the Univarsal Theatre in Melbourne in 1984.

Their downfall was when they chose to make a feature film called "Garbo" in 1993 but I've seen this movie and I didn't think it was that bad. Steve and Neill did have their own names in this movie too.