Martin Molloy

Last Updated
May 23rd, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Martin/Molloy consists of Tony Martin and Mick Molloy. They have done plenty of things together including winning the best comedy CD at the 1999 Arias.

They used to have their own radio show until the end of 1998 (so I'm told) and then Mick got his own show on channel nine called the Mick Molloy show. Both of these blokes were on that. The Mick Molloy show got axed mid 1999 because Mick pretended to pee on the set.

Before the Mick Molloy show there was the Late show (from 1993-94) of which both of these guys were a part of. On the Late Show, these two used to go out into the streets and ask people some very silly questions. Most people would answer them too. Of course they did other stuff on the Late Show but this is a regular thing they did together.