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Merrick Watts and Tim Ross were two triple J hosts. They have done so much together. They have been on the Arias together, they were on triple J for the 1999 New Years Eve countdown (and couldn't resist playing Prince's "Party like it's 1999"). Now they're breakfast radio hosts for Sydney's NOVA.

These two boys, since they're radio stars, are often recognised by their voices if they're out in public. Hardly anyone recognises them by what they look like. They have plenty of fans though, that's why I decided to make this page.

Merrick has been a guest on Rove without Rosso.

For the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival, they performed to sold out audiences in the main hall of the town hall "Solid Gold".

Merrick and Rosso: the Triple J Years

You could hear these two Aussie blokes on triple J on weekdays from 3p.m. to 6p.m. (when they weren't on holidays of course). They were often on triple J for special events like the triple J real appeal.

While on the radio, they sometimes made prank calls, they also got comedian Peter Helliar to do a challenge that they set for him every week. They have also interviewed many celebrities.