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Novak'n Goode @ Rosie O'Grady's. © Dominica Corless, 2000
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Aug 31st, 2006
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This fantastic West Australian female comedy duo, consisting of Judy Novak and Nikki Goode, have a style of comedy like none I've seen before. They combine their comedic talents with their music talents and have been around the comedy scene since 1991. They have performed in locations around the world such as Melbourne, London and the United States, though they were generally Perth based.

Novak 'n Goode have appeared at such festivals as the Womyn's Music Festival in the US (2005), Melbourne Comedy Festival (1998), Hong Kong Fringe Festival (1996, 1997) and Adelaide Fringe Festival (1996).

In 1999 they released a comedy CD titled "In a Tight Spot." Most of it was recorded live at the Fremantle Hotel in WA.

In WA, they have performed at the Hyde Park Hotel, Fremantle Hotel, The Swinging Pig, The Watershed, The Regal Theatre (as part of Stand Up for East Timor) and the Brass Monkey. They came second place in the WA Fringe Festival comedy award in 2000.

Also during the 2000 WA Fringe Festival, they were a part of the Gross night at the Fremantle Hotel. Reason being is they are quite rude people so if you are offended by the "F" word or the "C" word then it's a good idea that you don't go to see them. They also pick on the audience sometimes but it's very funny when they do.

Novak'n Goode are no longer performing as a duo.