Last Updated
Dec 24th, 1999
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

This is where I talk about a lesser known vocal/comedy (sort of) group. Their name is Sock. The members are Mal Webb, Reg Ellery and David O'Brien. Okay, so they're an acapella group but I think their songs are funny and that's why they've earned a spot on this site.

I have an interview with David O'Brien and I have an interview with Mal Webb. I might get an interview with Reg as well but I don't know yet.

I met these blokes when they came to WA for the Fairbridge Festival in Pinjarra. My dad bought their CD because I didn't have any money but I got their autographs. They noticed that I have the same name as a country in Central America!

I think this Melbourne group deserves more credit in society. They are a very good group and if you ever see them advertised anywhere, I recommend going to see them. They are definately worth it. In fact, I even heard one of their songs being played during one of the Big Laugh Outs at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000.

You can go to Sock's official web site by clicking here. Or you can visit Mal's web site here.