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The Sheryls. Photo donated by Wendy Little.
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Jun 14th, 2000
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This information was provided to me by Wendy Little as is.

The Sheryls formed in 1998 for the Ken Oath Theatre Co's 8th comedy show "The Sheryls." Current line up - Cathy Dowling "Stuck-Up Sheryl", Irene Guzowski "Spitting Sheryl", Wendy Little "Swallowing Sheryl".

MICF 2000: The Sheryls Splatterfest - Trades Hall (Linda Haggar as script ed)
Big West Festival 1999: Stand-up Ted Whitten Oval
Melbourne Fringe 1999: The Sheryls Unplugged - Nth Melb Town Hall Arts House
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1999: The Sheryls Save The World - C3 venue
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1999: Dave Johns 'I'm in the Attic Mother' - The Pleasance
MICF 1999: The Sheryls Save The World - Trades Hall
Melbourne Fringe 1998: The Sheryls - Nth Melb Town Hall Arts House

Bogun Rock - Hi-Fi Bar
Bongo Club, Edinburgh
Comedy Club, Carlton
Craigmillar Arts Centre, Edinburgh
Dan O'Connell Hotel, Carlton
Downunder Hotel, Carlton
The Espy, St.Kilda
Festival Revue, Edinburgh
Glasshouse, Collingwood
MICF Festival Club
Scared Weird Little Guys Superband, Hi-Fi bar
Star & Garter Hotel
Upfront 6 - Melbourne Town Hall

The Loft, Squeal, Hellbent - Channel 31
The Footy Show - Channel 9
Upfront 6 - ABC, Standing Up - ABC

Merrick & Rosso - Triple J
Breakfasters - 3RRR
The Cheese Shop - 3RRR
3AK, The Comic Box - 3PBS, 3CR,

Melbourne Fringe Parade -1998/1999
Royal Mile - Edinburgh

Bank of Melbourne lunch time concerts

Helen O'Malley Productions
Ph: 9521 5690

Cathy Dowling is a puzzling woman of myriad talents. Her vocal prowess earned her the coveted "Most Titillating Talker Award" at the Pan Pacific Phone Sex Festival in 1998. She has also cavorted at children's parties in various guises including a mermaid, fairy, pirate and disco queen. She was a huge hit with the kiddies and their Dads. She is currently a creator of brainteasers and crosswords at a Packer tits & bum magazine where she can exercise her penchant for riddles and send coded messages to those who really know. She is also a rock 'n' roll Diva at night (Ex-Times Bakery), rounding off her passion for the arts and debauchery nicely.

Irene's career in showbusiness began as a children's entertainer. On her very first assignment with a group of 6 year old girls, one cute little moppet relayed the story of her cousins' suicide - actions and all. From there she moved on to having her hair pulled, her bottom smacked, and being spat upon. And that was by the parents. Although leaving her an emotional cripple, the work with kiddies left her in good stead for auditions at the Crazy Horse exotic dance palace. From there her transition into Sheryldom has been an easy one. In her self-assured, laid back and slightly slurred style, Irene says that as a Reservoir girl herself slipping into the moccies, flannies and trakky daks is just like coming home. Only to come home, Reservoir is on the Epping line and Moe isn't.

Wendy hasn't slept since 1995 when she squirted out her first child. Gigs work out well for Wendy because by the time she gets home from the after show parties her kids are just waking up. She doesn't need to wear make up for her portrayal of single mother Sheryl Anuston as she has a permanent purple bag under each flap big enough to hold coins. Wendy started her career way back in the '80s as a barfly on "Neighbors" and "Flying Doctors." A highlight has been her portrayal of a Black Forest cake in "The Killing of Sara Lee" (MICF 1993). Wendy is probably the only method comedian. She is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths and pain to suffer for her art. In her portrayal of the title role in "Medea Does Dallas" (Universal 2 MICF 1997) she gaffer-taped her tits together after forgetting to bring her wonderbra to the theatre.

Dominic Larizza - ex Ice-cream hands, Damien Gleeson - ex Heavy Denver.

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