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Tripod are probably the biggest comedy trio going at the moment.

Tripod consists of Steven Gates (or Gatesy), Simon Hall (or Yon) and Scott Edger (or Scod).

Prior to 2001, their costumres were very colourful. Steve wore the purple (sometimes red), Simon wore the green and Scott wore the blue. They now wear casual clothing as they used to be mistaken for a children's group.

This comedy trio sing and Dance. Scott plays the guitar and they all sing. Their main dance is called the Sailor Dance.

Tripod are friends with the Rove team (Rove McManus, Corinne Grant, Peter Helliar and Dave Callan) and have appeared on Rove twice, including the last episode. They have also appeared on GNW Night Lite when Steve was a guest on Julie's (Amanda Keller's) team. They have also appeared on Hey Hey it's Saturday a couple of times and Standing Up. This was all in 1999.

In 2000, Tripod appeared on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala and the Melbourne Good News Week episode.

These guys have also toured with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow for a couple of years (1999-2000).

On Rove in 1999, they were having a fight between the etc. etc. dance and the sailor dance.

They have also done some work with the guys from Sock (I know you probably haven't heard of them but they're good).

Tripod have also appeared on Denise. The date of that was the 8th of Dec 1999. They plugged their Christmas show too.

They have released a few CD's in their time, Box Set being the first. In 2001, they also released a video version of their Melbourne Comedy Festival show "Tosswinkle the Pirate". During the festival, they also had small gigs at the Hi Fi Bar and Southgate.

I have interviewed Simon, Steve and Scott too.

For more information about these guys, visit their official site