Good News Week

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Dec 8th, 1999
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Dominica Malcolm
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Good News Week is a political satire type program. It is set up like a game show when really it isn't because the contestants are celebrities (like senators, writers, actors and comedians) and the winners don't win anything.

The host of Good News Week is Paul McDermott and every week, the team captains are Mikey Robins and Julie McCrossin.

Good News Week first started out on the ABC in 1996 but then in 1999 it was sold to channel ten. Aside from Good News Week, there was Good News WeekEnd on the ABC and then GNW Night Lite on channel ten which is set up the same way except is based around entertainment instead of news and current affairs. Also, GNW Night Lite and Good News WeekEnd had special guests Flacco and the Sandman and had a variety of songs during the show. Although Good News WeekEnd has finished, Paul gets to show off his singing talents on GNW Night Lite. Regular music guests are the Gadflys.

Good News Week has launced the careers of many fine comedians (well sort of) like Rove McManus, Corinne Grant, James O'Loghlin, Peter Berner (of course I'm talking about the comedians that have their own TV shows now - or sort of do)