World Cup Comedy

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Dec 11th, 1999
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Dominica Malcolm
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World Cup Comedy was a special on channel seven that ran for 4 weeks. It was a show that challenged Australia and Britain's comedians to win the Comedy Cup. After the first test, Australia was winning, after the third test, both countries were a tie so the final test was the decider and it was great honour to watch Australia win the final test and take home the cup (even though it was already in Australia).

On the Australian team, was David Hughes, Carl Barron, Wil Anderson and Greg Fleet with Peter Moon as the team captain. On the British team was Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne, Jeff Green and Ross Noble with Roland Rivron as the team captain.

There were three rounds in a test. The first round got a comedian from each team to say some jokes about the same subject, three subjects were chosen in this round (by the team captains). The second round saw two comedians from each team talk about something of their choice. The third round had all the comedians making jokes whenever they could about a subject that was chosen from the audience.