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Jan 3rd, 2000
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Dominica Malcolm
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For those of you who don't know what Rove is, Rove is a TV show that started in 1999 on the 22nd of September. It ran from 11p.m. to Midnight every Wednesday for 10 weeks. The 1999 finale saw the cast die on the 24th of November. If you hadn't been watching the show, the cast is: Rove McManus (the host and producer) and the kids on the couch were Corinne Grant, Peter Helliar and Dave Callan.

Throughout the ten episodes, the cast constantly had to mention Tonya Todman.

There were a few segments on Rove - not necessarily every week but there were segments. Dave Callan had the Idiot Boxing which was Dave bringing in some videos he had seen and just taken the piss out of them. Pete had a segment which let him bring in shows that never made it to air and Corinne Grant had her Cliché tests.

The show started with Rove's monologues and then him saying something which resembled "lets go talk to the kids on the couch". A famous quote from the show would have to be "I like Ice-cream". And the show usually ended by Rove saying "good night, I'm Rove McManus, say hi to your mum for me" and then he'd blow a kiss into the camera.

Also on the show, they had pre-taped sketches, my brother's favourite was the Kenny and Daz sketches - there were two, Knick-knocking Australia and Egging Australia. There were other characters as well like Dan the Angry man and plenty more - like when Dave and Pete dressed up as "the canteen mums".

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