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Adam Hills on stage at Comedy Central, 2001.  Dominica Corless
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Adam has been on a number of programmes on TV including Good News Week, Standing Up, the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala, Headliners, rove [live] and Russell Gilbert Live.

He was born in Sydney but moved to Adelaide and was thought of as an Adelaide comedian by someone who went to see his "Goody Two Shoes" show at the 2000 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This is one show I got the pleasure to see and it was very funny too. It was in a very small room in the Town Hall called the Lunch Room. Anyway, what made his show so outstanding was his great singing ability (which he made use of at the Fesival Club with the Scared Weird Little Guys' band on stage) and also, he made a boy band by choosing 4 guys from the audience and teaching them all they needed to know (which was very little).

He also made a boy band when he was on stage for the Moosehead Awards in 2000.

2001 saw a great change to the size of the venue Adam performed in at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He had the opportunity to use the Hi Fi Bar for "Go You Big Red Fire Engine" after Johnny Vegas pulled out and took it. He was disappointed that underage fans weren't allowed to get in, though. Those fans had to settle for watching him at free shows put on at Southgate and Melbourne Central. They also could have gone to see him at the last late night Cops on Heat show.

Adam is also quite popular in Edinburgh, and often heads over for the Fringe Festival over there. While there in 2001, Go You Bit Red Fire Engine was nominated to the best show Perrier Award.

My brother likes Adam because of a joke he said on Standing Up about Irish and the black Guinness poo. Which brings me to my next point. Adam is quite good at doing accents. I've heard him do Scottish and Irish, plus, he can do Jerry Seinfeld's voice.

For more information, you can visit the official unofficial Adam Hills website.