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Dec 1st, 2000
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Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is best known for her character Ethel Chop - the old woman who often rings up the triple J breakfast show to complain to Adam Spencer. Ethel HATES young people these days.

Originally from Perth, she was only happy to return in 2000 for the WA Fringe Festival Comedy Awards to host them. Because she hosted that, she also hosted the Raw Comedy State finals as well. She actually co-hosted it with channel nine news reader Peter Holland. This was a memorable night because by the end of the show, these two ended up leaving together...well at least they made it appear that way. This was of course, an Ethel Chop moment.

Andrea has been seen without the mask of Ethel is when she has appeared on Good News Week and on the show One Size Fits All, a show in which she was on every week on the ABC.

As Ethel Chop, she has also appeared on a number of Upfront shows - the female comedian show. In 2000, for Upfront 6, she hosted the first half of it.