Andrew Denton

Last Updated
Dec 1st, 2000
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Dominica Malcolm
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Denton has been a comedian for many years and throughout his career has done a long list of things which I cannot possibly list everything so I'll list many of the things I know and let people fill me in on other things.

His experience includes television, radio, live work and writing articles for newspapers.

Many people would recognise Andrew for his satrical look on things. In fact, I had to read one of his articles "The Money or the Trees" for school.

Besides writing satrical articles, who could forget his television show "Denton"? Probably many but it existed. He also debated in a number of comedy debates. How many people remember World Series Debating from the ABC? He debated on that show. He has also appeared on other TV shows like Good News Week. And what about the Logies? He hosted them in 1999 and 2000.

So how about radio then? Well, as far as I know, he is working on MMM in Sydney with Amanda Keller.

Andrew also filmed two Olympic specials for channel 7 just after the Sydney 2000 Games had finished.

Denton also appeared on Rove Live in 2000, he was being interviewed about a CD that his Breakfast show produced, where all the proceeds go to charity.