Andrew Thompson

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Aug 9th, 2012
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Andrew Thompson

Born into a loving environment and force fed a diet of British sitcoms, Andy quickly learned how to garner a laugh and applause through his actions. These actions were usually centred on his lack of fashion sense (imparted by his pastel shirt loving mother) and his ability to trip over and fall to the ground in seemingly innocuous and unobstructed areas. Slapstick antics at drunken family barbeques aside, Andy developed a deep love of all things humorous at a young age and cites comedians such as Rowan Atkinson, Bill Cosby and Billy Connolly as early influences. Andy distinctly remembers his first gig as a stand up comedian. It was on the 2nd of February, 2007 and he told jokes to a room full of workmates, friends and random drunks. It was a very successful night. He also remembers his second gig which was two weeks later. He told jokes to four people, three of whom told him to be quiet so they could watch the greyhounds. It was not a very successful night however he did win $47.50 on the quinella for Race 5 which made the trip home a little more bearable. He bought himself a Happy Meal. Since this auspicious start to stand up comedy, Andy has performed at numerous venues throughout Queensland and Northern NSW peddling his unique brand of comedy which centres on amusing jokes and anecdotes about his upbringing and family life. He also enjoys discussing the intricacies of the greyhound racing industry with enthusiastic punters and how you should never trust the dog on the inside lane. In addition to performing comedy, Andy is also an avid writer has even started writing a novel. Started writing it four times to be exact. Look for it in your local bookstore sometime during the summer of 2029.

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