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May 7th, 2000
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Nicknamed "Morgs" or "Morgsie", this comedian from Melbourne got into comedy around 1979.

I am led to believe that the first debate he ever did was against "Sex has killed romance" which was in 1994 for the ABC's World Series Debating.

Morgs has also been on a few Super Debates for channel nine.

Other TV appearances Morgs has made is being a regular on Good News Week. A show where the public once saw him kiss a manequin and get all sweaty. If you want to see this you can either buy or rent the Good News Week Unseen and Obscene video.

His first TV appearance was when he was a regular on the Big Gig.

In 2000, he returned to the stand up scene (after apparently retiring from comedy) and performed at Melbourne's comedy festival in a show called Morgan's Bar and Grill.