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Carl Barron is one of Australia's fastest rising comedians. He has a CD out called "Carl Barron Live" and his stand up show shares the same name.

Making television appearances on World Cup Comedy and Standing Up in 1999 has also helped in his career.

Carl is a Sydney comedian but has not only performed comedy in Sydney. He has performed at Melbourne's famous comedy festival a couple times and to sold out audiences.

I was told he is also on a footy show but being someone who doesn't watch footy shows, I don't know which one.

After seeing Carl Barron Live, I am happy to report that is was a marvellous show. He often talked about his family and weird things he's come across. Some highlights include the funny noises he makes and the interesting faces he pulls.

In November 2000, Carl appeared in Perth with the Umbilical Brothers. He also appeared on the first episode of Rove Live.