Corinne Grant

Corinne Grant at the Hyde Park Hotel, Perth, Oct 6th 2006. © Copyright Dominica Malcolm
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12th June, 1973
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Corinne Grant

Corinne is a comedian that lives in Melbourne.

Corinne has been a guest on GNW and GNWNL many times. Corinne was a star of Rove. Now (2001) she gets told where to go on rove [live] and is one of the main people on ABC's the Glass House. She has also been on a few GNW debates, including one where she licked Paul McDermott's cheek!

Rove could be seen on channel nine from 11p.m. to Midnight on Wednesdays in 1999 (which coincidentally is when it was filmed - not really, it was a live show). As was mentioned, Rove was a live broadcast with a few bits that were filmed earlier in the week.

On Rove (in 1999), Corinne tested Clichés. The clichés that she has tested are: "You can’t teach an old dog new tricks", "Channel nine: Still the One", "Can you kill two birds with one Stone?" (this one was fake because she wouldn't be cruel to animals), "Can you drink like a fish?", "What goes up, must come down", "What happens when the shit his the fan" and "Can you stretch a friendship?". The channel nine show was axed but then Rove McManus signed with channel ten and rove [live] was born. Corinne is still one of the kids on the couch on that show and has done various things on the show, including trying to get Nikki Webster drunk at the Aria after party (well not really but it looked like it) and helping out with the first ever night time garage sale to appear on live television. The cliché tests will not return as Corinne doesn't want them to.

Corinne was a guest on O’Loghlin on Saturday night on one of the first episodes where she got to do a short stand up comedy act for a couple of minutes.

Corinne does not like biographies and thinks they are pointless (as was said on the Rove web site - though it's changed to suit the new show).

Corinne has also worked at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She has had Stand up gigs there such as "Waiting for Munroe" and "What's a nice girl like you...?"

Corinne has performed on a number of Upfront's and won the Moosehead Award to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 1999. The show was "Waiting for Munroe" which she performed with Rove McManus.

Corinne also plays the guitar and can sing - that's what she did on Upfront 5. She has also played the guitar and sung on Rove when they were taking the piss out of TV shows for kids.

When Rove finished for 1999, Corinne was eaten by killer pigeons on the last episode (not really).

Corinne was also in a Midsummers night dream over the 1999-2000 summer break.