Damian Clark

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Aug 2nd, 2003
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Dominica Malcolm
CDU Interviews
(Apr 8th 2000)

Damo is a West Australian comedian who won the first WA Fringe Festival comedy award (in 2000). Most likely reason is because he made Peter Holland (channel nine news reader in WA with a good reputation) swear (he said the "F" word). After winning this, he claimed his prize and was flown to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival. Damo also hugged Ethel Chop as he ran on stage for the finals.

Damo has done other stand up gigs as well. He has MC'd a comedy night at the Swinging Pig where I had a try-out and he was also a judge when I entered Raw Comedy in 2000. He is actually quite fascinated with the length of my finger nails that he had to mention them to the audience when I got off of the stage that night.

Also, at Stand Up for East Timor in 1999, Damo filled in for Glenn in MSG. MSG are basically just an improvisation group which probably fit Damo perfectly since he waits 'til just before he's on stage to write his material.

Damian lived in Melbourne from mid-2000 to late 2002 and had gigs around various rooms there, including Janet McLeod's The Planet (at the Prince Patrick Hotel). In 2001, he was chosen to be a part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival's Comedy Zone with his good friend from Perth (who moved to Melbourne when he did), Anthony Menchetti. In the same year, he was one of the special acts who got to perform at the Perth Comedy Season Opening Galah.

In 2002, Damian and Anthony decided to branch out from the other 2001 Comedy Zone comedians to star in their very own Melbourne Comedy Festival show, "The Art of Schmoozing". This show was then taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the same year.

Damo could be heard on Perth's Nova (93.7) radio station from 5.30-9am. He left the station in the middle of 2003, but Perth still has him back!