Darren Gilshenan

Last Updated
May 23rd, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

This guy is very funny. Probably his most famous character he plays is on Totally Full Frontal. I've heard many people talk about his character that eats chips and says "Does she put out?" Of course, this is not the only thing he does. He has played other characters on Totally Full Frontal and Full Frontal before it was axed.

And do you remember the twisties ads with the really weird guy in it? The guy who accidentally knocked the head piece off the wall, stuck his arm in cheese and made his twisties do stupid things? That was Darren too.

Darren has also been an actor on BackBerner.

He has also been seen on Full Frontal pretending to be the guy from the Guiness advert (and did a very good job of it too - he looked exactly like the guy from the ad...well close enough!)