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photo by Alan Moyle, ©2008 Dave Bloustien
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Jan 30th, 2008
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Dave Bloustien
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"Bloustien's an intelligent and funny guy, laid back and engaging; but his real strength is in the writing. Here's a comic who knows how to craft a strong line onto any topic - and with the smarts to ensure he's covering ground few others have trodden"
Steve Bennett, chortle.co.uk

You might not have heard of Dave Bloustien, but you've probably heard one of his jokes. Dave was part of the award-winning writing team on ABCTV's The Glass House, as well as The Side Show, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debates, the new Good News Week and more.

As a stand-up comedian and improvisor, he's performed in comedy festivals in five out of six states, as well as in London, San Francisco, Zambia and beyond.

Most recently Dave played in the NSW Theatresports Grand Final (the Cranston Cup) at the Enmore Theatre and at the closing night gala of the Hobart Comedy Festival at the iconic Theatre Royal.

His current projects include: the new season of Good News Week for GNWTV on Channel 10 and rebuilding his 2007 show Beastly for the 2008 Edinburgh Free Festival.