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Aug 25th, 2001
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Dave has an Irish accent because he was born in Ireland and moved to WA when he was 8.

The one way people recognise Dave is because of his beard and long hair. Many people want him to shave but it is his trademark. He thinks it will be very fashionable when the new Ice Age comes.

Dave has been on O'Loghlin on Saturday night where he did his impression of Ralph from the Muppets.

Dave was also on Rove and had a segment called Idiot Boxing every fortnight where he looked at lame videos that have been filmed. This show was axed so when Rove McManus signed with channel ten to do rove [live], Dave went too. However, he didn't return to the show in 2001.

Dave is a Perth Comedian and he did a series of ads in WA (which he showed in his 2000 stand up show in Melbourne). They were WA Home Loans and Frutisma. He didn't move to Melbourne until Rove McManus told him to help him out with the TV show.

Dave Callan has been on the ABC program "Standing Up".

His 2000 Melbourne comedy festival show was called "Dave Callan is Shithouse" and I would say was falsely advertised as I saw it and it was very funny.

Dave has also been mistaken for Chewbacca, Jesus and The Wild Man from Borneo.