David Callan

Last Updated
Mar 3rd, 2001
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Nicknamed Cal to his friends, this David Callan is an obviously different person to the Irish Dave Callan from WA who used to be a regular on Rove & Rove [live]. So how are they different?

Cal is an improv and stand up comic who used to work for ASIO. He has been written into the Comedy Store's Hall of Fame and also appeared on Good News Week. He's based in Sydney though he has performed right around the country. The current improv show he has been doing is 'Cops on Heat', which has now had a successful season in Sydney. It has also been performed in Adelaide and at the Perth Comedy Season, where Dave, along with Murray Fahey and John Knowles, managed to pick up the Queen of comedy award for the show. An excellent acheivement. The show will soon be taken to Melbourne's comedy festival.

Cal's acting roles include having a part in the SBS series 'Going Home' and also playing Trevor in 'Dags'.

In 2001, Cal plans on writing and perfecting a stand up show about his life as an ASIO spy. His first time talking about that on stage was during the Perth Comedy Season as part of the Smallest room in Perth show. The show will probably make it to the Perth Comedy Season next year, and then the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Cal has also been a bit of a teacher of improv comedy, helping out Murray Fahey and John Knowles with two improv comedy workshops during the Perth Comedy Season.

More information about Cal can be found here on Murray Fahey's website.

He is definitely a guy I suggest you see, making a lot of things funny!