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Dominica Corless with her finger in her ear. © Dominica Corless
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29th November, 1983
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Formerly known as Dominica Corless until married to Jeremy Malcolm in April 2006, I had considered myself a comedian from May 27th 1999 until early 2002, when I quit performing. During my holiday tour in Ireland, I was practically forced on stage again by my tour group and after that plus hanging out with a bunch of comedians in Canada, I did consider performing again whilst I was there. This led me to finally give stand up another go in 2006.

These days I prefer filmmaking. In 2005, I directed a short film entitled Journey, starring Mike Sheer (a stand up/improv comedian from Canada) and Hannah Sutton (can currently be seen on an HBF ad in WA). I hope to be able to sell copies of this film on DVD via this web site, though I am still organising the score for the film and the special features. Journey is a contemporary drama about a young girl (Hannah Sutton) from Australia who travels to Canada to find herself. Along the way she meets a stand up comedian (Mike Sheer) on the verge of making it. Although this was a student production as part of my GradDip in Media Production, I received very good marks and have received a lot of good comments on the film.

Apart from Journey, I have also directed and acted in smaller, shorter projects as part of PAC Screenworkshops, some of which will be included on the Journey DVD. In Feb 2006, I took the comedy themed workshop, and one of the short films made for this, Dead, is now available to view on this web site.

Also in 2005, I took on the role of Bompsadaisy in the Arena Production of Santa's Space Christmas, written and directed by Simon James.

I competed in Raw Comedy 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2006. In 2001 I received an encouragement award. I also competed in the WA Fringe Festival in 2000 and 2001. Other than those experiences, I have performed try outs in such locations as the Swinging Pig, the Brass Monkey, the Leopold Hotel and the Grosvenor Hotel.

I have had compliments from such comedians as James O'Loghlin and Corinne Grant. They've helped me a lot actually. James bought my first CD which was very supportive. You can find out what Rove thinks of my second CD in my interview with him.

I had released two CDs but they are no longer available. To listen to the only extracts from the first CD available on the Internet (because if it's anywhere else I'll sue them), go to the bottom of the page.

It only took me 4 weeks to record my second CD (in August/Sept 1999). I made my first two CDs when I was only 15 years old which I think is quite young for a comedian to start making CDs.

Below is a picture of the cover of my second CD "Dogs are Crap Meals".

And yes, I did draw the picture on the cover so don't take it because it is copyrighted.

I only sold/made 12 copies of my first CD and 8 copies of my second CD and they are no longer available so they are very rare.

Here are some jokes from my first CD:
Dumb Blonds (wav file, 316KB)
Best Friends (wav file, 586KB)