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Eric Bana
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Jan 5th, 2003
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Eric is Chopper Reid. Well, no he's not really but he is Chopper in the movie Chopper. This movie was filmed in 1999. It is rated R.

Apart from this movie which is probably what most people will know him as once it comes out, Eric used to have a TV show on channel seven called "Eric". This consisted of him talking to the camera a lot while sitting in his car. I can't remember what else happened in it when I used to watch it occasionally. He also used to be on channel seven's Full Frontal before that.

Amazingly enough, Eric was even voted Cleo's most eligible bachelor in 1996.

In 2000, Eric returned to the Melbourne stand up scene when he had his own show in the Melbourne comedy festival with his show "Standing in the Corner". Unfortunately, this show did not get very good reviews (well I overheard a guy who said he'd seen Eric do better).

Bana spoke to Merrick and Rosso in 1999 about Chopper just after he had finished filming it. He also spoke to Adam and Wil, again on triple J, in 2000 when Chopper was about to be released.

Eric can also be seen as one of the main characters on Something In the Air. He plays Joe.

Eric's first television appearance was on Tonight Live.

Eric can do very good impressions of Ray Martin, John Farnham, Sylvester Stallone and Wawick Capper.

The first film Eric was ever in was the Castle.

Since this page was last updated, Bana has worked on several other films, including Black Hawk Down, released theatrically in Australia in Feb 2002 (now available to rent and buy), The Nugget, and Australian film, and The Hulk, to be released in cinemas in 2003.