Glenn Butcher

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Dec 24th, 1999
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Dominica Malcolm
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Some of this bloke's best stuff was when he was on Full Frontal. He was always one of my favourite because I loved him as Neville and Constable Spoog. He did do other things like the Napisan guy but the first two characters are the most memorable.

After Full Frontal, Glenn was in the stage show of the Rocky Horror Picture show.

Not only is Glenn a great comedian but also a great singer. He has done various shows where he has sung stuff. I know he came to Perth one year (I think 1997) to sing at a Christmas show. He also sung with Paul McDermott on the first episode of GNW Night Lite.

If you want to catch Glenn now, you can watch Play School because he is occationally on that now. I guess it's a good thing his middle name isn't "The". I know that was a bad joke. He has been on Play School since 1997.

Butcher was my very first favourite comedian but of course, I don't watch Play School so all I have is memories from the Full Frontal days.

Glenn guest appeared on the Micallef program once and helped write that episode. He got to be Constable Spoog again. This officer is nicknamed "cheetah".

Glenn was also a regular on the Big Gig in 1989-92.

He also helped write the script of "The Castanet Club". (That's a film by the way).

Before Full Frontal and after the Big Gig there was "Fast Forward". Glenn was on this show too.