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May 24th, 2000
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This comedian has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Also, Adelaide Fringe Festival.

He has bee a guest on GNW Night Lite and GNW a few times and is a regular guest on O'Loghlin on Saturday Night.

He has debated many things at the Melbourne comedy festival for channel nine's comedy debates including "Sex is better than Sport" and "Winning is not everything" in 1999.

Greg has been an extra on some TV shows so I guess he is also an actor. He has been in neighbours and other shows.

Greg was on World Cup Comedy too. Many people call him Fleety.

Fleety used to be heavily on drugs but has found it is better not to be when he is doing stand up.

Fleet's 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival show was called "Interrogation" which also starred Alan Brough. In 2001, he performed "I Wish You Were Dead Dad" at the festival.