Hung Le

Black and Tran (Hung Le and Ningali Lawford)
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Apr 25th, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm
18th August, 1966
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(Sep 6th 2001)
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Hung Le is originally from Vietnam but he has made a home for himself in Australia. He has appeared on a number of Australian TV shows including Standing Up and O'Loghlin on Saturday Night. You can also see him on "The Wog Boy" as one of the guys that worships the two main characters.

As well as this, Hung does stand up work. He has performed at both Sydney and Melbourne comedy festivals and his most recent show which he did with Ningali Lawford at the 2000 Melbourne comedy festival was called "Black and Tran".

During the Melbourne comedy festival, he could also be found at the festival club sometimes. One night I think he even sang with the Scardies.

The Wog Boy is not the only Wog performance Hung has been involved in, he also performed in the stage show 'Wog Story'.

And an interesting fact, which Hung told me, he failed English but still managed to write a book!