James O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin
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James has a stand up comedy act called caught in the ACT which is all about Canberra.

His TV show ‘O’Loghlin on Saturday Night’ had been on TV from June 1999. This show was not renewed for 2000 and therefore only one year was filmed.

James used to appear on GNW often but since he started his own TV show, and until he finished it, he wasn’t on it.

James’ show aired on the ABC, Saturday nights at 9.30p.m. and he was nominated for a logie in 2000

You can usually listen to James on triple J on Wednesday mornings from 7-8, except now you can't because the breakfast show has finished for the year.

‘O’Loghlin on Saturday Night’ had regular musical talent of Fishshack and there is always a special guest band or singer. Also every week, there was a special guest stand up comedian. This segment was supposed to be to give the lesser known comedians TV experience, and they were working their way around the country to bring on different comedians. Unfortunately they never made it to WA.

Some regular guests on O’Loghlin’s show were Greg Fleet, Adam Spencer, Lynda Gibson, Tommy Dean and Tony Squires.

James also interviewed other Australian figures on his show, whether they be politicians or celebrities.

James often cut out parts of other people’s interviews and made his own humorous interviews out of them.

Check out an article that James wrote.

James presented "Lawyer, Lawyer" on the ABC's the Smallest Room in the house.

Another stand up show which James has done is "The Big Questions" which is also performed with Peter Berner. What happens is, they get the audience to write questions on a piece of paper on arrival and answer some of the questions during the course of the show.

James is a great comedian to see live and he can perform to large or small audiences. No matter the size of the audience, he will always give a good show. This was demonstrated when he did shows in Lathlain and Rockingham, WA, in 2000, when he performed to crowds of less than 40 people.