Jane Mallone

Last Updated
Jul 30th, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Jane Mallone competed in the national finals of Raw comedy in 1999.

Jane was a regular on O'Loghlin on Saturday night. She went out in the streets to talk to different people and ask them questions on things. One time she went out in the crowds as an "information" person and gave people facts about things even though they didn't ask for them.

At the moment, Jane talks to Adam Spencer and Wil Anderson on triple J on Monday mornings to tell them what week it is. So far we've found out about Mosquito Awareness Week, Termite Awareness week and more.

It is under my impression that Jane is a comedian living in Sydney as that is where most of her work is.

In 2000, Jane also appeared on the live breakfast show with Adam Spencer and Wil Anderson. She had to find some people in the audience who were unlucky in love.