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Jean Kittson, scanned from a debate video.
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Mar 22nd, 2001
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Jean has written a book called tongue-lashing. This book was published in 1998.

Besides this book, Jean is a regular guest on GNW and has done a few comedy debates for channel nine. She has also been on World Series Debating on the ABC (although that series is long gone).

I have bought Jeanís book and after I read it, I will write what it is about.

One thing that I admire about Jean is that she is good at improvisation and can easily make things up on the spot. Jean has a great mind for comedy and is one that should be admired for generations.

You can read about Jean in a book called "Comedians in the Mist"

Jean was a regular on the Big Gig with characters like Candida.

A few years ago, Jean was on a breakfast radio program with Larry Emdur in Sydney.

There was also a TV show in 1992-93 called "Kittson Fahey" which Jean helped write.

In the years of 1990-92 Jean also helped write "Let the Blood Run Free" (another TV show).

Jean also helped write the script for a TV show called "Escape" in 1995.

Currently Jean Kittson stars in the Australian sit-com Flat Chat on channel nine.