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Aug 25th, 2001
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Probably Australia's finest Irish Import, Jimeoin! He is very popular among so many Australians. Jimeoin has been in Australia for quite some time and in that time, he had his own television show on channel seven called "Jimeoin".

Jimeoin is also the writer and the star of the Craic where he plays an illegal immigrant on the run from the immigration people. I've seen this movie and it is very worth while seeing, especially for Jimeoin fans.

Jimeoin has also done much stand up work right across Australia, performing at a number of festivals. At the 2000 Melbourne comedy festival he presented a cooking show.

Jim has also been on Good News Week and GNW Night Lite. Night Lite viewers got a view of Jim's behind...with no clothes on. He was also seen in the nude on the Craic, and on his first Just For Laughs special on channel in 2001.

So for 2001, Jimeoin had three specials on channel ten, Jimeoin's Tea Towel Tour of Ireland, and the two Jimeoin's Just For Laughs. (actually, the second one is on this coming Tuesday).

But who could forget the time he was on Celebrity Who Want's to be a Millionaire? He was the second last celebrity to make it to the hot seat but still managed to win $32,000 for his home viewer and his favourite charity. It was hilarious.

Multi-talented Jimeoin has also released a number of CD's, including the double CD "Crack" ( which features Jimmy singing for the entire second CD and the last track of the first). This CD set is not the only place you could find Jimeoin sing however, according to something he said in his Crack CD, he also used to be in a band called Men At Work.