Joel Bryant

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May 2nd, 2003
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Joel Bryant

Joel fell into stand-up comedy in the time honoured Great Aussie Way... Through BBQs. "You're funny mate! You should be on stage!"

Half a bottle of Bundy was enough to convince him to have a go. He got up. He died. He drank more. He got up again. He died. He drank lots. One night he stopped trying to be pleasant and started screaming abuse at John Howard. He didn't die, the people laughed and The Prime Minister finally inspired something useful.

Since that moment Joel has become a regular Headline act around Perth. Loud, confrontational and more than a little peeved, but always funny.

Joel has also written and starred in 'Circles' a short film which won Best Film at last years Pandoras Box Film Festival as well as being seen in the 'Malaga Markets' ad.

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