John Knowles

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Mar 22nd, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm
CDU Interviews
(Nov 21st 2000)

John has been a part of main improv shows: God's Cowboys, IMPROZAC, Cops on Heat, Who Killed Santa, Off The Cuff, The Royal Rumble, Abandon Script, Extreme Theatresports, The Comedy Improlympiad, IMPRO-BZERKO, and The Funny Side of Sex & Crime.

His partner in crime for 'Authorised' is Steve Walsh, and one of his favourite guys to work with, which I found out after reading my interview with him. His other favourite is Murray Fahey, who has been doing Cops on Heat with him.

John is originally from Canada but moved to Australia in 1984. Canada was the beginning of his life a comedian. Improv doesn't pay the bills so John has expanded to other territories of comedy including stand up and writing for corporate gigs. Corporate shows being where the big bucks are.

John is a very clean comic, both in that he showers and doesn't swear at all! That can have it's downside though, as John has discovered. If he gets on stage after a night of constant swearing and rudeness, he does die. That's a comedy audience though, the MC has to set up the right kind of material the other comedians will use.

John also likes playing the harmonica.

John was a unit manager for the movie Encounters.

More information about John can be found here on Murray Fahey's website.