John Miller

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Oct 30th, 2007
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John Miller

I am a comedian. Not in the literal sense of being in front of a crowd, on stage. I teach at Uni and use humour nonstop. It relaxes, entertains, teaches, breaks down barriers. With many students I am popular because of this. Tell a non joke, reverse the focus of the joke, and people laugh. People laugh if they are treated with equality- I can pick the ones n my crowd who I will work on- to get the rest of the class laughing. It has a lot to do with dynamics, geographical space, ambience, nonverbals etc.
Laughing, humour is a metaphor to express and cope with the real world.
I have a lot of material to work with. Coming from a family with a priest dad, ethnic in laws and enough family history in weirdness to cause Freud apoplexy. I love black humour- it helps many cope- parody with meaning. Comedy is dead set, hdeavy shit serious to be very good.
But very good comedy never seems that way- it is seamless.
When I teach using comedy, it is like I am another person- I can forget for a while how fucked the world is- and just enjoy. It's all about me.