Kim Gyngell

Last Updated
Jan 5th, 2003
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Kim Gyngell was a roaming reporter on BackBerner - tried to scope out Steve Bracks to talk to him but couldn't so he talked about all the political satire he had done against Jeff Kennett. That was the first time he was on BackBerner.

The first time I had seen Kim was on Full Frontal. He played people like Kerry O'Brien from the 7.30 Report, Jeff Kennett, and the guy who always told Ray Martin that what he was talking about was crap.

Kim also played someone in "The Wog Boy". He was the guy who Nick Giannopoulos had to see when he was on the Dole.

What else has he done? Well I've also seen Kim on the first episode of the second series of the Games but his original work, way back before he was on Full Frontal, saw him appearing on the Comedy Company.

Kim also has a supporting role in "The Hard Word".