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Michael Jeffery is one of those comedians with a degree. Yes, he has a Bachelor of economics. That's probably the reason his most recent comedy festival show was called "Dosh - the funny of money". This was in 2000. Other comedy festival shows he has done include "What, And Give Up Showbiz?" in 1998 and "Coping!" in 1999.

Michael has had much published work including pieces which have been published in Stage Whispers Magazine, The Age, and Sundry websites.

Jeffery has also directed some pieces, including "Head On Collision" at the Gasworks Theatre. This was a spoof on U.S. politics.

Like Steve Abbott, Michael has written a number of plays which have been performed around Australia. The one with the best reviews would be "Putting Back The Fest" which he wrote in 1996.

Aside from all this, he has appeared on such television programmes as the 7.30 Report and Good Morning Australia. He has also appeared on Fox FM radio in Melbourne.