Mikey Robins

Mikey Robins, scanned from a WA'n TV Guide.
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Dec 1st, 2000
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8th December, 1961
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Mikey is of course the team captain for the left hand side of Good News Week. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on the way you look at it) Good News Week was axed because it wasn't getting the ratings channel ten wanted. Now Mikey is out of a job. Mikey was on GNW since it started in 1996.

Mikey worked on the breakfast show on triple J for years. He had had diffent people he worked with during that time including: Helen Razer, The Sandman, Paul McDermott and others. He quit in 1998 because he had too much to handle with GNW.

Since then, he has been back on triple J a couple of times. He and the Sandman looked after Roy and H.G.'s spot for a couple of weeks in July (the 4th and 11th.)

Mikey also went back on triple J for the Real Appeal in 1999.

Mikey grew up in Newcastle and that's where he also met Steve Abbott.

Mikey did the voice of Keith the Movarian Swearing Bear on GNWNL. He has done Keith for money when someone called up during the Real Appeal in 1999.

Mikey has been friends with Paul McDermott for years. He always makes fun of Paul's "Girly" voice.

Mikey was on the Arias in 1999 and he came out to talk to Paul McDermott who was hosting it. He was also on the Arias in 1998.

Mikey has been a guest on Cheez TV. He has also been a guest on the Fat.

Mikey has been interviewed for E! News a few times and has also been interviewed by Elle McFeast about his recent marriage (well it was recent when he was interviewed).