Murray Fahey

Last Updated
Mar 22nd, 2001
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm
CDU Interviews
(Mar 3rd 2001)

Murray's main part of his life in comedy is being an improv comic, performing in shows like Cops on Heat, but also various competitions. Some competitions also seeing him win first place.

However, improv is not the only thing Murray does (because apparently you can't make a living out of it), so Murray has had a role in various films, directing, producing, writing and even acting sometimes. The movies inclue Dags, Get Away Get Away, Sex is a four letter word, Encounters, and a soon to be released film that I can not name.

The only film I've actually seen that he's been a part of is 'Dags' where he did all four of the above things. His acting rold in the film saw him playing Miles, the fast food addict on the dole. If you can't pick him from that info, he's the short one with bleached blond hair (and one of the funniest characters in the whole film!)

Murray also teaches improv comedy on occasions and his website can be found at If you want to find out more about Murray on his site, you can search until you find the right page, or just click here.