Nick Giannopoulos

Last Updated
Jul 22nd, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Nick is probably now most famous for his original film "The Wog Boy" where he played, well, a wog boy. He was a Greek Australian. He also played his parents on the film - yes, mum and dad. During the film, he is on the Dole, until the Australian government gives him a job and cheats him. I won't say any more in case you haven't seen it yet and want to but I have to say it is worth while seeing. It was also written by this man.

But how long has Nick been in comedy for? Well, I remember watching him on Acropolis Now back when I was a little girl. It was a show set in a greek café/restaurant and was also the show that made Effie famous. That's the Effie that has worked with Norman Gunston.

The most recent thing I've seen Nick do was be in an Kia Car ad. Thanks to my brother who pointed it out.