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Most people would know Paul as Flacco which is a character that Paul created in the early 1980ís. Paul Livingston has played small roles in a few movies. In Babe, he does the voice of the Rooster and in Reckless Kelly he plays the post man. One thing I noticed while watching the credits of Reckless Kelly is that they spelt Paulís name incorrectly and I wondered how that was possible. Livingston has also appeared in other movies by Yahoo Serious, these are Young Einstein and Mr Accident.

Paulís character Flacco has made special appearances on different shows and he is on the Doug Anthony Allstars video titled Live at the National Theatre.

You could catch Flacco regularly on Good News Week on channel ten until it was axed. He did one act by himself plus a segment called "The Desk" that he shared with the Sandman who is constantly putting him down.

Paul has also written a book as his character called "Flacco's Burnt Offerings" and he draws cartoons every second weekend for the Australian Newspaper. Some of these cartoons have been put together in a book called "The Flacco Files" and this book can be found at all good book stores.

There was a GNW Night Lite special filmed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 1999 called the Sandman and Flacco special where Flacco and the Sandman got to do what they do best - perform comedy.

Livingston has a lot of talent in singing. He sung on the DAAS video I mentioned earlier and he sometimes sung on GNW Night Lite.

Paul has been balding since he was a teenager which is quite sad really but he is 43 now. He swore that once he reached the age of 40, he would no longer wear tights so the clothes that he regularly wears for his Flacco gig is a trench coat over a suit. He also sometimes wears sunglasses and a hat.

Flacco and the Sandman came to Perth for three shows in September 1999 - two shows on the 24th and one show on the 25th. I went on the 25th and managed to get three photos of Flacco but I didnít get any of Sandy. You can find these photos on Paul's picture page

Paul was also in Babe 2: Pig in the City. In this movie, Paul played the main chef towards the end of the movie.

Livingston and Abbott have been working together since 1993 but they met in the 1980ís.

Flacco has been around for 16 years.

Livingston has also published a book called the Dirt Bath.

Paul has also released a CD with the Sandman called Live in the Corridors or Uncertainty.