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Was regularly on GNW and GNW Night Lite but since he started his own show, he hasnít been on it often. This was because Bernerís show was filmed the same day as GNW Night Lite (and partly because it hasnít been filmed for the first few weeks of Bernerís show). Plus, Berner lived in Melbourne because that's where his show was filmed. In 2000 he moved back to Sydney to film his show there instead.

Peter Bernerís TV show is called BackBerner, it originally aired on Thursday nights at 9p.m. but then moved to Monday nights. Bernerís first show aired on the 19th of August 1999.

Berner has been a comedian for a while now and he parents didn't take kindly to the idea originally because all of his brothers are lawyers.

Berner was a guest on Rove where he revealed he likes talking with a pipe because it makes him sound more intelligent.

One stand up show he has done is "The Big Questions" which is also done with James O'Loghlin. More information about that on James' page.

Berner's regular appearances on Good News Week meant that he became a favourite for its audience to see and this allowed him to appear on the final GNW ever.