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Peter Helliar - Kokomo or Bust promo shot
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Dec 1st, 2000
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(Nov 16th 1999)
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Pete was on Rove. He was the one that sat closest to Rove's desk.

Pete was on TV for the Sydney comedy festival on the 14th of September 1999.

Pete also talks to Merrick and Rosso on triple J often. His segment was called "Peter Helliar P.I." in 1999 but then changed to doing radio plays. This could be heard on Friday afternoons from 4.30.

On Rove, Pete had a segment every fortnight called "From the Vault". On the first episode, Pete's first joke was that he was exercising his rights and he was moving his right limbs. This joke was supposed to be really lame. Pete likes doing his French laugh.

Pete can also get into different characters very well. In a sketch he did on Rove, he pretended to be a guy who collects the footy tips at an office.

Since Rove was axed, the cast moved to channel ten and created Rove Live. Pete would be the kid on the couch that you get to see most often on this show as he regularly pretends to be other people from around the globe so Rove can interview him about things.

Who could forget Aquinas College Ringwood who danced the etc etc dance and sent it in to Rove? Well Pete has had a gig there, thanks to my friend Jess Varey.

Pete has also been on O'Loghlin on Saturday Night.

On Rove, Pete invented a dance called the etc etc and this dance is sweeping the nation. Many people were being kicked out of clubs for doing the etc etc.

Pete has been on the ABC's Standing Up.

In 2000, Pete had a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival called "Kokomo or Bust".