Rhys Muldoon

Last Updated
Aug 24th, 2001
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Rhys is very popular among the young female crowd - little girls who watch Play School. No I'm kidding there, but he is on a few episodes of Play School that were filmed in 2000. Well he is popular among young females, just not that young. More like the age group from the early teens to mid 20's.

Play School isn't the only kids show that Rhys has been a part of. He was also the original genie on "Genie from Down Under". Want to see it? Well would you believe there's at least five videos of it with him on them? You may be able to find them at your local video store, I did.

Of course Rhys couldn't be popular with the above age group because of these children's programmes. The reason: They watch Good News Week. Yes Rhys has been on that popular satirical game show numerous times and that's probably how you've heard of Rhys if you're at this page to begin with. He was part of the final Good News Week ever when he did Bad Street Theatre for Mikey's team.

The most recent programme on television that Rhys has been on is Grass Roots. This show could be seen from 7.30pm Sunday nights on the ABC. This show scored him a nomination for an AIF award.

As an actor, Rhys was also one of the cast members of Big Sky, had a small role in Blue Heelers and also appeared on Farscape as a garbologist.