Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler
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May 23rd, 2000
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13th November, 1963
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Former member of the Doug Anthony Allstars, Richard Fidler, is much more than a stupid (as in dense) guitar player which is what he was when he was in the group.

Rich was on Race Around the World for the ABC but has also had a couple of shows on Foxtel. He has hosted two shows on Foxtel: "Mouthing Off" on the comedy channel and "The Hub" on arena.

Rich sometimes pops up on Good News Week (and GNW Night Lite/GNWE when they existed). He is still considered as stupid when he pops up on GNW with comrade Paul McDermott. He is often made fun of for not knowing what sex is, yet he has a wife and a baby.

Early in 1999, Richard popped into triple J on Tuesday mornings with Adam Spencer but gave that up when his wife, Khym, was due to have their first child.

In 1998, on an episode of Good News Weekend, Rich played his guitar and sung with Paul even though Paul was reluctant about doing it. This would have been great for DAAS fans because they sung a song that they sung when they were together with other DAAS member Tim Ferguson. This song is available on the Good News Week CD which was released in 1998. The full length song: "Throw Your Arms Around Me", plus they started to sing "Build Me Up Buttercup" and also sung "We Laugh About it Now"

Rich can also be seen on the Good News Week video "Unseen and Obscene" singing with Paul until Paul got fed up and ruined the set.

Rich has also been on channel nine's "Simply the Best" hosted by Ray Martin.

Rich can be heard on Cosmopolitan, a radio programme heard around Australia, with Libby Gorr. In 2000 these two managed to interview three members of Bardot (even while the series was still on).

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