Rob Sitch

Last Updated
Dec 3rd, 1999
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm

Rob has been around for quite some time now. He dates back to the Late Show days (as far as I know - actually the D-Generation was created in 1986 by him and a couple of others) but since the Late show, he played Mike Moore on Frontline until that finished. After that, he moved from the ABC to channel ten with The Panel.

He has worked with Santo Cilauro and Jane Kennedy on all of the above mentioned shows and has worked with Tom Gleisner on all of them except Frontline. Tom wasn't actually an actor on Frontline but helped make it.

Rob helped with the making of the Castle because he was one of the D-Generation and that's some thing they did together. Rob was the director.

If you haven't seen the Late show or Frontline, even though they are not on TV any more, you can still buy or rent them on video. Frontline has full episodes on video with four episodes on a video whereas The Late Show is just the Best Bits. There are three volumes of the Best Bits of the Late show. Also, you can buy Bargearse or the Olden days because they are videos that the D-Generation did too. Rob does some of the voices on the shows.

Rob's character on Frontline, Mike Moore, was a very thick in the head character. He was very hypocritical. He was the lead newsreader on a current affairs programme called Frontline.

On the Late Show, Rob did several different things. He was one of the Oz Brothers, he was a stunt man, a sports commentator and much much more.

For those of you who don't know what the Late Show is, where have you been? Only kidding, if you are only a little kid I forgive you (I know I was when it was on). The Late show was a programme that aired on the ABC between 1992 and 1993 for 20 episodes each year. It's cast consisted of ROB SITCH, SANTO CILAURO, MICK MOLLOY, TONY MARTIN, TOM GLEISNER, JANE KENNEDY, JASON STEPHENS, and JUDITH LUCY (but not until late - you can't see her on the first two videos). It had a few sketches scattered throughout the show and also some stage stuff. Most of the show was filmed live, except for the sketches. It also had guest singers on the show. It's probably where Rove got the idea for his show since his favourite comedian is Tony Martin.